February 2015, saw us celebrate 5 years in business (don’t worry there was cake!), and we’re going from strength to strength. Established in 2010, we started off with just our festival kits and working from home, and now we sell hundreds of products – some our own and some by some amazing little companies. Our continued growth has also seen us take on business premises.

Totally4 is still young and we’d be lying if we said otherwise however its important to know that despite our directors coming from different backgrounds they we’re a perfect match with various other businesses and business experience under their belts, Totally4 formed almost organically and before they knew it, were well under way.

We really are open to all ideas and suggestions here at Totally4 and remember no feedback is bad feedback.

Our Vision

We’re not going to sit here and spout out some drivel about changing the world as quite frankly we just can’t do that, we can however try our darndest to deliver some great, practical and fun products for you, your dad, the neighbour and whoever the hell you like!

Going Forward

You’ll see some really great changes and developments happening to Totally4 in 2015 with the introduction of an E-mail newsletter, new exciting products and freebies via competitions.